How to Make Laptop Keyboard Backlit Effect?

Make Laptop Keyboard Backlit Effect Under $1 US dollar, and you can customize it by your need and comfort. Backlit keyboards are alot expensive and this is a cheaper version to give you look of backlit keyboard on your laptop under $1 Dollar only.
You will need to have Basic Electronics Skills, that will be required in order to make this this cool homemade laptop backlit keyboard effect. Instead of using your laptop as power source you can connect this led light with your  18650 lithium battery cell if you already have one, if cell is dead I have made a video on how to fix dead lithium battery.

What is LED?

LED or Light Emitting Diode which is full form of it, has two Leads and it is known as semiconductor  light source the two legs which is +Positive and -Negative powered by DC voltage. LED lights are very commonly used and these days LED power saving Bulbs are being used everywhere to save electric power. The LED Lights comes in various colors, White, Blue, Red, Green etc. And they have different power ratings required voltages and amperes. Read more about Electric Circuit.

Required Parts:

  1.  LED Light 1 Watt (any color you like)
  2. Focus Lens for your LED
  3. Resistor 3.3 Ohms
  4. USB Male connector (Find in old electronics or buy new one)
  5. Wire 8-10 Inches Long (2 core)
  6. Hard Core wire 8-10 Inches long
  7. Heat-shrink tubing (Optional)

Required Tools:

  1. Wire Cutter
  2. Soldering Iron
  3. Hot Glue gun (Optional)
  4. Wire Stripper (Optional)

Steps to Make Laptop Keyboard Backlit light:

  1. Take 1 watt LED solder 3.3 ohms resistor to the positive terminal of the led.
  2. Now take 2 core wire black and red, we will use black for ground and red for the positive, solder positive (Red Wire) with the other end of resistor which you soldered in step 1. and solder black wire to negative terminal of the LED.
  3. Take USB male connector and solder other end of red and black wire to the correct pins, and test if LED is lighting up properly.
  4. Put the LED Lens and glue it with super glue or hot glue gun.
  5. Take piece of hard core single wire and wrap around the 2 core wire so it becomes strong and flexible.
  6. Put heat shrink tubing over the 2 cores wire and hard core wire to cover them up, and with lighter or heat gun shrink the tubing to make it tight and secure.

Here is a trick to make it look more professional, instead of using heat-shrink tubing in step 6, take a shoe less any color, cut one end and put your wires inside the shoe less and seal it with glue. That’s it now you have a very cool custom made LED light for your keyboard, and if you turn your rooms lights off then you will feel the backlit kind of effect on the laptop keyboard.