How to repair lithium ion batteries and reuse them in your electronics gadget and electronics projects but the first question is that where and how to get lithium batteries for Free? and the simple answer is your old laptops yes you got it correctly your laptop battery contains 3.7v li-ion cells, so if you have your old laptop battery laying around then grab it and force open it. You may find 3-12 this number will vary depending on your laptop’s brand and capacity.

Fix Laptop Battery by using the same trick.

Watch the video tutorial below to learn the secret method of fixing dead battery

How to repair li-ion rechargeable batteries video tutorial:

How to get 18650 lithium battery for Free?

You will be surprised to know that you can get high quality 18650 lithium battery for free at your home. These days almost everyone has a laptop and laptop battery does not last more that 2 years (that is my personal experience) so if you have got a new battery replacement for your laptop then you should keep the old battery because that is the amazing source that many peoples don’t even think of.

You know what is inside laptop battery?

Laptop batteries contains 18650 lithium cells, 3-12 cells these numbers varies on capacity of your battery sometimes just 1 of the cells goes dead and the whole charging system gets interrupted and you finally go for a replacement, but if you open battery of your laptop then you will find out very high-quality cells which are lithium 18650 4400mAh or 6600mAh capacity which is well enough for our LED flashlights or other consumer electronics products.

It’s really easy to fix which I have been showing you in the video, but if you still have any kind of question regarding how this secret fix repaired the lithium battery cell then leave your query in the comment section below and I will definitely respond to you as soon as possible.