Electric circuit is used by electrons from a current source or voltage power.

The electrons enters from a point to an electrical circuit which is called the “source” of electrons or “electrons source” . The point where electrons leaves the circuit is called ground or earth(in some concepts it is also know as “return”). In Electric circuit the End point is always called return because the electrons travel back to the source it came from.

Electric Circuit in real life:

Electric circuit sample diytechpro

Electric Circuit Open and Closed

In day to day life we have electricity in our home which is AC (Alternative Current) Mains electricity in almost every country.
Power rating 110 voltage are used by European countries while Asia, and other countries are using 220-240 volts in home electricity.

The circuit has two points source and return and between those two points is what called the “Load”. The load is anything from a bulb to microwave or any other consumer electronic item.

Electronic Circuit:

Usually low voltages or DC(Direct Current) is used by the electronic circuits, because load does not need very high power and just a few capacitors, resistors,  I.C or other components will not require much power to perform their jobs and it will be powered by a 18650 lithium battery or any other battery source with required voltage and current. Electric circuits are different than electronic circuits.